Expunge Charges from Identity Theft in North Carolina

15A-147.  Expunction of records when charges are dismissed or there are findings of not guilty as a result of identity theft.

Any person who has been charged with a crime due to identity theft or mistaken identity and the charge has been dismissed or they have been found not guilty may file for expungement of the charge. In addition, any insurance company that charged any additional premium based on insurance points assessed against a policyholder as a result of a charge or conviction that was expunged under this section shall refund those additional premiums to the policyholder upon notification of the expungement.

  • When can I file this petition? A person may file the petition as soon as the charge(s) has been dismissed or they have been found not guilty.
  • Will other convictions affect me? No, other convictions will not affect an expungement under this statute.
  • Will a prior expungement affect me? No, a prior expungement will not prevent you from receiving another expungement under this statute.
  • Are there additional filing requirements? No, there are not additional filing requirements.
  • Is there a filing fee? No, there is no filing fee.