Expunge Misdemeanors Committed by a Minor in North Carolina

15A-145.  Expunction for first offenders under 18 at the time of commission of a misdemeanor

Any person who is guilty of a misdemeanor (other than a traffic violation) and the offense was committed before they turned 18, may file for expungement of the charge.

  • When can I file this petition? A person must wait to file this expungement until the later of (1) two years after the date of the conviction, or (2) the completion of any probation.
  • Will other convictions affect me? A person must not have any other convictions (other than minor traffic violations).
  • Will a prior expungement affect me? No, a prior expungement will not prevent you from getting another expungement under this statute.
  • Are there additional filing requirements? Yes, there are a few affidavits that must be filed with expungement petition.
  • Is there a filing fee? Yes, there is a $175 filing fee.