Expunge Prostitution Charges in North Carolina

15A-145.6.  Expunctions for certain defendants convicted of prostitution.

Any person who has been convicted of a prostitution offense may file for expungement of the conviction if: (1) the offense arose from being a victim of human trafficking or sexual servitude; OR (2) the petitioner has no prior convictions for a prostitution offense and at least three years have passed since the later of the conviction date or the completion of any active sentence, period of probation, and post-release supervision; OR (3) the petitioner received a conditional discharge pursuant to G.S 14-204(b).

  • When can I file this petition? A person must wait to file the expungement until the later of three years after (1) the date of the conviction or (2) the completion of any period of probation, active sentence, or post-release supervision. However, if the offense arose from being a victim of human trafficking or sexual servitude, or the charges were dismissed pursuant to G.S 14-204(b), then the petitioner may file for expungement as soon as the case is disposed.
  • Will other convictions affect me? A person must not have a conviction for any violent felony or violent misdemeanor.
  • Will a prior expungement affect me? No, a prior expungement will not prevent you from getting another expungement under this statute.
  • Are there additional filing requirements? Yes, there are a few affidavits that must be filed with expungement petition.
  • Is there a filing fee? No, there is no filing fee.